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FCMC Newsletter

The current Flag City Mustang Club Newsletter can be viewed at the link above.  The Club has decided to publish it's newsletters quarterly.  

Membership Application

Do you want to be a member of Flag City Mustang Club?  Click the link to the left for a Membership Application.

FCMC By-Laws

Flag City Mustang Club's By-Laws are at the link to the left .

Charitable Contributions

The process to identify the 2019 recipients began at the June Business Meeting and will conclude at the October Business Meeting with the selection and approval of the 2019 recipients. Nominations can be submitted at any time prior to or at the October Business Meeting. Nominations can be submitted in person at a Business Meeting or by email. 

  The recipients for the FCMC 2018 Charitable Contributions were as follows:

  • All about Animals - $300.00
  • Macon Meals on Wheels - $300.00
  • Zach Holloway Go-Fund-Me - $600.00